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School Counseling » School Counseling

School Counseling

If you are in crisis, or know someone who needs help, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline NOW at:

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

This is an important year in regards to what the year after high school will look like for you.



  •     Meet with School Counselor and MiAdvisor to discuss your college plans. 
  •      Go over your SAT or ACT scores with the School Counselor to determine if you need to retake these tests.
  •      Look for scholarship money to help pay for any additional education beyond high school. See links below, check out the college/career bulletin board, listen to announcements, subscribe to my personal page. 


  •    Begin applying to Colleges. Know the deadline of the college(s) you are applying to. 
  •     FAFSA window opens October 1. Click here  information below. 
  •     Look for scholarship money to help pay for any expenses (All scholarships have a deadline).
  •     Retake the SAT or ACT if necessary. 


  •     Continue applying to educational programs beyond high school.
  •     Complete the FAFSA as soon as possible. Remember financial aid is awarded on a first come, first serve basis. 


  •     Decide which program or college to attend. Send in your housing deposit, sign and return award letters, and as a courtesy, notify the other colleges of your decision. 



Apply to at least 3 colleges, including your dream college.  If you have not, visit those programs and colleges. Please contact Mrs. Emlong with questions. 

Please give the School Counselor a copy of your college acceptance letters. These are helpful in obtaining Promise Zone $.

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid


 All colleges and trade schools require you to fill this out.  Seniors who plan on attending any sort of post-high school education need to do this on-line with a parent or guardian. It does take time to fill out. Remember, it requires parent tax information, you may estimate the numbers if you have not received your tax papers yet.  Open application opens October 1 and the Deadline to submit the FASFA is MARCH 1. The earlier you submit, the better chance to receive money. Here is the link to the site


View this YouTube Video of the previous First Lady regarding the importance of FAFSA

Countryside Academy Has Chosen Parchment for all Transcript Requests


Send your official transcript anywhere in the world with just a few clicks!

Student, parents, and alumni can use Parchment, the leader in eTranscript exchange, to send high school transcripts electronically, securely and confidentially, all with real-time tracking.

To order your transcript, click the big ORDER YOUR TRANSCRIPT banner below. The first thing you’ll do is create an account, then you’ll place your order, and then you can track your order 24/7.


Order your transcript


Current students and alumni


Visit to access the Parchment Student Tool Kit Containing:


·      Video Tutorials

·      User Guides

·      Frequently Asked Questions

·      Support Resources


Colleges and universities prefer to receive transcripts electronically through Parchment!



Direct any questions or concerns to Alexis Emlong

[email protected]

(269) 944-3319 ext. 137

7th - 12th grade students, How are you going to get where you want to go?


Will you apply to a Vocational Program, a Trade Program/apprenticeship, a College or University, a Community College or join a branch of the Military? Use to answer these questions. The counseling office is always open for one-on-one discussion of your future and choosing the right courses in preparation for your desired career pathway.


High School students have the opportunity in 11th or 12th grade to enroll in a College and Technical Education (CTE) program or register for college courses while still in high school. See Mr. Teekamp for more info.

Check your scores after they are released at College Board You need an  account for your results. College Board is a resource you may use to:  practice for the PSAT or SAT, see scores, send SAT scores to colleges, and much more.

Students can access free College Board resources to get to know the test and start practicing: 


For SAT practice resources, visit and for personalized practice.

• For more in-depth look at the kinds of questions that will be on the redesigned SAT, visit http://https//

• For test day tips and policies- visit http://https//



Freshman: OFF to College Program 

A free high school program that prepares YOU for your future. It requires a 2-3 year commitment from you and your family. During your sophomore, junior and senior years, you and your family will participate in monthly seminars at Lake Michigan College. The seminars will teach you how to be a successful college student. Only 30 students will be chosen who are high school freshmen, have a 2.5 GPA and have an IEP or 504 Plan. Applications are due by March 15th.

Grief Support Group


This group is offered in coordination with Countryside and Lory's Place to 3rd to 12th grade beginning in October. Group meets once a month during lunch. See schedule posted in the hallways near the office. The group is a safe place to heal from the loss of a loved one. Parent/Guardian permission slips are necessary.  Sign up here Online Application Form or paper applications can be obtained in the jr./sr. high office.


See Mrs. Emlong for more information. 

Teenage Girls 


"Discover who you really are and develop all you're created to be"


Click on link for more information

Social Networking


Beware of the dangers of social networking. Learn about human trafficking here:

Michigan Child Protection Registry

The Michigan Child Protection Registry, accessible at is a free do-not-contact service the state offers to prevent advertising for adult products and industries such as alcohol, tobacco, pornography and gambling from reaching email addresses, mobile phones and instant messenger IDs in order to protect families and children. Created by the Michigan Legislature in 2004.
Parents and guardians may protect your children and families from unwanted adult advertising by registering on the site at


OK2SAY Safety Initiative

Are You a Successful Countryside Academy Student?


Do you want to be? Is making positive decisions hard for you? Do you forget to turn in your homework on time? Do you find yourself getting in trouble with your teacher or other adults or students? Regardless how hard it is to make positive choices, the bottom line is, what you do today will affect your tomorrow. Ask your parents, guardians, positive role models, teachers and the counselor for help on being a better you.


Make the right choices, be kind to others, help other people, get involved and be proud.


Need some inspiration to get through high school, see this video:

Personal Curriculum

Personal Curriculums exist to modify specific credit requirements and/or content expectations based on the individual learning needs of a student.  They are designed to allow the Board of Directors to award a regular high school diploma provided the student completes the requirements of the PC, including as many of the content expectations of the Michigan Merit Curriculum as practicable.  A PC may be appropriate for a student who has demonstrated one or more of the following:

    1. The ability or desire to access advanced or specialized content that cannot be met through elective courses.)
    2. The ability to succeed in accelerated or advanced math, science, English language arts, world languages, or career and technical education.
    3. The academic need to modify the second semester of the Algebra II credit requirement.
A parent, legal guardian, emancipated student or school personnel may request a PC at any time.   One a request is made, a PC committee comprised of the student, parents/guardians (or only the student in event that the student is emancipated), Counselor and Principal, will meet to develop the PC. The school is obligated to develop a PC for the student, but is not obligated to approve or enact it.  The PC must be aligned to the student’s Educational Development Plan (EDP.)      
Benton Harbor Promise meeting for high school students Friday January 11 @ 7:45 - 8:15 am in the gym.