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About Countryside Academy

Countryside Academy is a tuition-free, K - 12 public school serving approximately 700 students and their families in Southwest Michigan. We are located in Berrien County, three miles from Benton Harbor on a 98 acre site with a greenhouse, woods, ponds, stream and gardens. Countryside Academy's Early Learning Center at Millburg for grades Kindergarten - 2nd sits on 8 acres. We utilize FARE (Food, Agriculture, Renewable Resources, and Environment) activities throughout the district.





We will inspire students academically and socially to become productive citizens by providing a high-quality educational experience utilizing FARE based activities.



Countryside Academy is a Promise Zone High School and a community partner with many organizations, including the ´╗┐Boys and Girls Club of Benton Harbor and Benton Harbor Sunrise Rotary



Countryside Academy invites you to become a permanent part of the Countryside campus by purchasing a commemorative engraved paver.