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Crime Reporting

Crime Reporting


Crime Reporting Data 2022-23

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MCL 380.1310a

In order to obtain an accurate local picture of school crime and to develop the partnerships necessary to plan and implement school safety programs, at least annually, each school board shall post on its website, in the form and manner prescribed by the superintendent of public instruction, incidents of crime occurring at school within the school district. In determining the form and manner of this report, the superintendent of public instruction shall consult with local and intermediate school districts and law enforcement officials. The reporting shall include at least crimes involving physical violence, gang-related activity, illegal possession of a controlled substance or controlled substance analogue, or other intoxicant, trespassing, and property crimes including, but not limited to, theft and vandalism. For a property crime, the report shall include an estimate of the cost to the school district resulting from the property crime. The school crime reporting requirements of this subsection are intended to do all of the following:

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Each school building shall collect and keep current on a weekly basis the information required for the report under subsection (2) and must provide that information, within 7 days, upon request. At least annually, each school board shall make a copy disaggregated by school building, of the most recent report for the school district under subsection (2) available to the parent or legal guardian of each pupil enrolled in the school district.