Administration and Board of Directors

Countryside Academy's Board of Directors, Administrator, and Principals set educational standards, goals, and establish the policies and procedures required to achieve them. Our Administrator and Principals develop academic programs, monitor students’ educational progress, provide career counseling and other student services, administer record keeping, prepare budgets, and perform many other duties. They are also available to handle any questions that parents may have.  Acting as a liaison between prospective and current students, employers, and the community, our administration staff and board are actively involved in the successful operation of your school.  Please do not hesitate to call us with an questions you may have.



  Sarah Brookshire, Administrator
                        269-944-3319 ext. 105

                        Sean Deiters, High School Principal
                        269-944-3319 ext. 136

                        Nate Smith, Elementary Principal
                        269-944-3319 ext. 123

                         Hilary Furney, At-Risk Interventionist
                         269-944-3319 ext. 130

                         Melissa Beckmann, Curriculum Coordinator/Title Director
                         269-944-3319 ext. 210

  Derek Nestich, Dean of Students/Athletic Director
                        269-944-3319 ext. 129

  Bonnie Fizzell, Administration Secretary
                        269-944-3319 ext. 106

  Ed Nickel, Business Manager
                        269-944-3319 ext. 107

  Mike Teekamp, Counselor
                        269-944-3319 ext. 137

Cameron Furney, Educational Technology Director
                       269-944-3319 ext. 128
Board of Directors
George A. McManus, III, President
Chuck Cayo, Vice President
Mark Zuhl, Treasurer
John Singer, Secretary
Lynn Pica, Trustee
Sherman Reed, Trustee
Skip Heavener, Trustee

Back: George A. McManus, III, Chuck Cayo, John Singer,
Skip Heavener, Mark Zuhl, Front: Lynn Pica, Nancy Harte.